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Can you design a tattoo for me to get done by another artists?

I only create designs for people who have a scheduled appointment

If I already have an appointment when can I see the design?

I'll have a drawing ready to show you at the time of the appointment. I make time then to go over the drawing and make any changes. I do not send the drawing through email at any time.

If I have a lot of ideas can we have a consultation?

In the booking form you can leave a brief description of your ideas and you may request a consultation. I can then book you a consultation and an appointment at the same time. 

Do you have a cancelation list?

I do not, I don't get a lot of cancellations. If I do and I'm wanting to fill the space I'll post the availability I have on my instagram story and then remove the post when the space has been filled.

Do you tattoo in color?

I mainly tattoo in black ink, but I will tattoo minimal amounts of color. 

Can I bring a guest to my appointment?

Yes, I am comfortable with 1-2 additional people in my station

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations will result in the loss of your deposit. I will reschedule clients one time through email. 

What form of payment do you accept?

The shop I work at is cash only.

Is your booking first come first serve?

No it is not. I read the form submissions in order but I am choosing to take on the tattoos I want to work on the most and are in alignment with where I want to grow.

I came to your website but I can't find the booking form, where is it?

The form is only available from 8am-4pm on the day my books open depending on how long it takes to fill my  schedule. Please see the page "book online" for more details

Do you tattoo other artists work?

I will only duplicate another artists work with their permission. Or the art of my client.

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