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About Me

Hi! I'm Miranda,
I am a tattoo artist on the north shore of Maui and I specialize in fine line, black, minimal, nature inspired tattoos.

I have been tattooing for almost 10 years, having gotten my apprenticeship when I was 18 years old.

Art has always been my greatest passion; every day I look forward to drawing and improving my skills. Because of that my focus is creating unique, fine line tattoo projects that focus on artistry and creativity. Making aesthetically pleasing tattoos is a great joy for me!

When I'm not tattooing I love to read fantasy books, draw in my sketchbook, workout, and enjoy other introverted activities such as journaling and meditation. Nothing sounds more appealing than a cup of coffee and a good book, or some solo nature time. Tattoos and sketchbook drawings can be found on my Instagram page @mirandaroseart 


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