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Hi there! Thank you for taking interest in my work. Please read through this page to learn when I book and how to submit a booking request.

Due to the high demand on my work, I open and close my books. I book two months at a time on the dates and times listed below. On those days a booking request form is available from 8am-8pm HST, I sometimes keep the form up longer in which case I'll share updates on my Instagram story (@mirandaroseart). Filling out the booking form is the only way to book an appointment with me, I do not respond to Instagram DMs or emails for booking requests when my books are closed. 

Unfortunately, I'm unable to book every person who requests a booking. I focus on taking on fine line tattoos that prioritize artistry and aesthetics. If I'm able to book you an appointment you will receive an email within 3-4 days of filling out the form letting you know the details to the appointment, including my policies, an estimate, your appointment date, and any follow up questions.

Touch ups can be scheduled through email anytime within a year of getting tattooed. If you are a client needing a touch up, please email and include a photo of your tattoo and your availability. 

Dates and times books will open for 2023

books open 8am Hawaii standard time

January 17th at 8m - booking for February and March

March 15th at 8am - booking for April and May

May 16th at 8am - booking for June and July

July 18th at 8m - booking for August and September

September 19th at 8am - booking for October and November

November 15th at 8am - booking for December and January


When I receive cancellations and wish to fill the spot, I post on my Instagram story the available date(s) and time(s) and directions on how to request the available appointment.

I do not have a waitlist, please do not contact me when my bookings are closed requesting that I reach out if cancellations occur. 


Payment preference: Cash

When booking an appointment, I will include a quote for the tattoo. 

A $100 nonrefundable deposit will be needed via PayPal to secure the deposit and will go towards the total of the tattoo. 

What to expect from the booking form?

The form will ask for 

A brief description of what you'd like to get tattooed 

I'll refer back to the form to get the drawing done, please be specific with your preferences. For example, if you mention you'd like flowers or plants, please say which flowers and plants you'd like or specify that you don't mind me choosing. ​


Please give a general estimate (in inches) of the size you'd like your tattoo to be.


If you're getting tattooed around other pieces or have a specific spot in mind that could be hard to describe you can attach a photo and circle the area you're looking to get tattooed. You can also say things such as "outside left forearm"


Your availability

In this section I truly appreciate your time in giving me your accurate availability, you can write for example, "Monday-Friday after 2pm" 


Reference photos

please include 1-4 reference photos 

Please include photos of the area you want tattooed if you're wanting your new tattoo to work around existing tattoos. 

Reference photos are helpful in showing me

Your taste/style


Examples of what you're looking to get done (If you bought a design from an artist to get tattooed, please let me know. I typically use the reference photo as inspiration but do not copy it exactly)


 Areas of the body I do not tattoo

- fingers / side of palm

- neck

- feet

- Inner lip

- armpit

Reasons I may decline a project

If the tattoo requested is not in my style

I tattoo only in my style of fine line black ink tattoos. Therefore, if the tattoo requested is not within my skill set I will pass on the project. 


I'm not passionate about the project  

I spend hours a day drawing, I look to focus on projects that I feel excited and inspired by. I often choose the projects I do based on how fun it'll be to draw.

Adding onto work that's been completed

Adding onto completed work can compromise the composition of the existing tattoo. I also don't feel passionate about adding onto work that has been completed particularly if the tattoo is over a year old. If a client is wanting a tattoo they can add onto it is helpful to let me know ahead of time so I can be intentional with the design, then to follow up with the project within 6 months of receiving their tattoo. This is not so black and white, but typically this is my stance on the matter. 


Adding onto other artist's work / cover ups 

These project requests are simply not for me. I do not feel passionate about adding to someone else's art, and my style of tattooing is not compatible with cover ups. 

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